Diesel and Petrol sales in South Africa total more than R800million per day. The theft of fuel is a massive industry and this valuable commodity forms part of a system that is costing companies dearly. Most businesses do not know where and when the fuel is being stolen, believing that it is drained or siphoned on the side of the road. This is not always the case, and our research shows that most stolen fuel never reaches the vehicle’s tank... 



Digit fleet and fuel management has developed the unique DFuel solution to monitor fuel levels in vehicles and storage facilities. Controlling fuel theft is about management and this valuable resource cannot be controlled without being measured. DFuel is capable of reporting fuel levels live, 24 hours a day with updates arriving at your desktop mere seconds after being measured.

DFuel fleet and fuel management solutions were designed for vehicle installations, to keep you informed of fuel in a vehicle whilst it is traveling as well as if it stops to refuel. The latest systems work just as well in static installations and we can now handle fuel storage tanks 3m deep. Huge improvements in the design means that we enjoy better accuracy, longer service life and the ability to handle petrol as well as diesel.


  • LIVE fuel monitoring - How much fuel each vehicle has on board
  • Daily trip reports details how much fuel is added in litres and where the refueling occurred.
  • Fuel theft SMS directly to your phone the moment fuel is taken by draining or siphoning.
  • Reports of fuel usage between any two dates automatically calculating l/100km and km/litre.
  • Instant report of all fuel used in a month, as well as total fuel currently in all your vehicles.
  • Litres per hour for generators and earth moving equipment.
  • Using area calculation, the information can also be used to determine litres per Ha. (For agricultural applications)

Manage Bowsers

Farms, mines, plants and construction sites often have to keep large volumes of fuel on-site for daily use. The management of these large bowsers is now made easier with Digit DFuel. With the ability to remotely monitor levels from anywhere, of volumes as much as 65 000 litres and depths of 3m you can be sure that we have a solution to suit your application. Use the complete solution to monitor fuel from delivery, to dispensing and finally to use.